My name is Michal Borychowski, I started my journey with PHP in 2000. At that times it was PHP 3.x, MySQL 3.23 and Apache 1.3. A lot has changed since then :)

I am a graduate of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems faculty at Warsaw School of Economics in Poland. At studies I was focused mainly on maths, statistics and management. Never officialy studied any IT.

When programming I am constantly hitting on problems I need to solve. Of course I start from Google but unfortunately sometimes finding answers to some questions is very difficult or even impossible. And when you don’t have a ready answer then you have to discover it by yourself. That’s why I created this blog – for sharing my smaller or bigger discoveries with you.

I hope you would also find here some useful PHP / MySQL tips and tricks for you as I find them on other websites, forums and blogs. In my posts I try to be as accurate and concise as possible.

And one thing more – I am not a native English speaker so please forgive me any mistakes I may make.

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